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A425Transparent Film with <4% haze level - Good adhesion to solvent base printing inks Retort application

AM225Metalized Optical Film Retort application

AM415Metalized Clear Film Retort application

AM425Metalized Clear Film Retort application

AM451Metalized Clear Film with a very high bond strength of the Metal. Film is suitable for flexible packaging Applications where in it is required to resist Sterilization in hot water or steam. Retort application

AX425Alox Metalized Film Not printable, specially designed for Retort Applications Retort application, Flexible packaging

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AC425Alox Metalized Film - top coated on alox side - Printable and specially designed for Retort Applications Retort application, Flexible packaging

AQ425Alox Metalized Film - printable and specially designed for Retort Applications - Suitable for replacing PVDC Retort application, Flexible packaging